Plant-Centered & Clean Eating Meal Delivery Services

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Healthy Meal Delivery Services

Plant-Based Only Meal Delivery

Misfits Market

Produce Subscription 

A subscription box service that creates less waste by purchasing unsold and unwanted misshapen organic produce and ships it to you at 40% the cost.   

This service is great for those who love the idea of getting creative in the kitchen using the fresh produce to come up with their own recipes.  Or those who make smoothies, juices, veggie trays, or enjoy snacking on fresh produce.  Personally, this is my favorite box because it allows you to customize and do whatever you want and helps by creating less food waste and ships in eco-friendly packaging. 

They have two box options:

The smaller box is approximately 10-13 lbs. of organic mixed fruits + veggies
Serves up to 2 people for a week for only $22. 

The largest selection is approximately 18-22 lbs. of organic mixed fruits + veggies
Serves up to 5 people for a week and is only $35.

To find out more check out their website.

Purple Carrot 

Meal Kit, Meal Planner

This service takes the guess work out of creating meals.  All you have to do is pick the breakfast, lunch, and dinners you want and they ship the recipe and all the ingredients you need.  No need to decide on recipes, create lists, and go to the grocery store, Purple Carrot does all the planning and work for you.  All you have to do is cook the meals.  

Pick from Quick & Easy, High-Protein, Gluten-Free or Chef’s Choice dinners.

Purple Carrot is great for those with little time but still enjoy preparing delicious meals..  This is also a good way to help teach yourself how to cook plant-based in a more structured manner. 

New to Purple Carrot? Get $30 off your order. Use Code: CARROT30

Check out their menu and pricing on their website.

Plant Pure 

Ready-Made Meals

Whole food, plant-based meals delivered right to your door.  All vegan, no artificial preservatives, and oil free. 

Created out of necessity by Plant Pure Nation founder Nelson Campbell, son of renowned nutrition scientist  Dr. T. Colin Campbell, with a goal to bring wfpb meals to the mainstream.  

For those who don’t want the fuss of cooking.

Pre-made meals delivered to your door at $7 each. 

To find out more, check out Plant Pure website.

Watch the full length film, Plant Pure Nation, here.


Ready-Made Meals

Chef curated & 100% plant-based meals fully cooked delivered to you frozen.  No shopping OR cooking.  

Veestro is great for those who are looking for healthy oven ready meals that are fully plant-based and just as delicious.  Pick between chef inspired recipes, meals for weight loss, or a la carte and mix and match to your tastebuds desires.  Even the busiest person can make healthy choices when all they have to do is heat up their meal.  

For pricing and menus check out their website. 


Ready-Made Meals

Whole food, plant-based prepared meals delivered with the option of adding a real-life coach to help with a whole body transformation.

This is great for those who want added support to help transform their lifestyle.  With the option of adding your own real-life coach to help you tweak your daily habits so that you learn sustainable changes to elevate your life.  There is a meals only option as well for those who do not need the extra support. 

To find out more about their packages and menus check out their website.

Daily Harvest

Ready-Made Meals

Farm fresh produce, flash frozen, and plant-based.  Daily Harvest delivers ready made smoothies, harvest bowls, flatbreads, soups, oat bowls, chia bowls, scoops, bites, and lattes.  

I love this company!  Theres nothing like taking a pre-measured and tastefully curated smoothie out of the freezer to blend in seconds.  They taste amazing and are super convenient.  I like to have these on hand for a fast snack or easy thoughtless meal. 

To find out more visit their website.  


use code XOGINGER for 20% off your first order

Ready-Made Meals

The creme de la creme of plant-based meal delivery services.  Sakara is your go-to holistic health service offering upscale dishes and instagram worthy meals delivered to your door.  With A-list celebrity clients, beauty & detox water drops, and a plethora of wellness product,  Sakara’s the ‘it girls” favorite clean boutique.

This is one of the priciest programs but health is always the best investment so why not splurge, if you can, on the fully prepared nutrition program

To find out more visit their website.

The Very Good Butchers


Trained chefs and inspired vegans who were fed up with the processed vegan meat industry sought out to create nutritious meat alternatives.  Made with real, whole plant-based ingredients you would find in your own kitchen and minimally processed.  

They offer a variety of monthly meat boxes, individual meats, and cultured nut cheezes.

So even the most manliest of men would enjoy trying these healthier alternatives.

To find out more and place an order visit their website

Urban Remedy

Ready-Made Meals

As easy as opening the fridge.  Urban Remedy has ready to eat meals that are centered around a whole food, plant-based diet.  Eliminating those inflammatory foods and only incorporating nutrient dense meals. 

Another program with a-list clientele, Urban Remedy also offers a mind + body program which allows you to have a lifestyle reset.  Holistic health is so important and having self care in all areas of life during your wellness journey that encompasses mindfulness with meditation and purposeful movement, allowing you to get back to your center. 

Another great choice for those who do not have the time or patience for preparing their own fresh meals. 

To find out more about their meals and mind, body, spirit programs visit their website


Ready-Made Meals

Created by the documentary Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 days.  Founder and CEO, Mark Perlmutter, created VegReady to help millions of people have access to healthy vegan meals without requiring to cook or refrigerate them.  The meals stay fresh for up to 12 months and use all natural food preservation process without using all the nasty chemical preservatives. 

These are great for camping, outdoor adventure enthusiasts, climbers, hikers, etc.  Or those who work places where no refrigeration is available.  Or anyone really. 

To find out more visit their website.

22 Days Nutrition 

Meal Kit, Meal Planner

Famous for guiding Beyoncé and Jay-Z on a 22 day vegan challenge.

22 Days Nutrition offers something different than the normal meal kit delivery.  It’s created by an exercise physiologist and NY Times best selling author, Marcos Borges.  It allows you to completely personalize almost every aspect of the meal plan and offers same-day grocery delivery depending on your location or creates a shopping list for you if you enjoy the grocery shopping experience.  Thousands of recipes at your fingertips and expert advice from coaches.

This planner is great for those who need guidance on what to cook and enjoy being in charge of the cooking experience.  I know I enjoy grocery shopping and preparing my own meals when time isn’t a factor. 

Find out more on their website


Ready-Made Meals

Ready made whole food, plant-based meals delivered to your door.  Highly rated MamaSezz also has kid friendly meals.  They have salt, oil, and sugar free options, bundles, starter packages, athlete focused, heart healthy, beauty bundles and more. 

Whether you are new to a plant-based diet or a seasoned vegan they have everything you need to have fast, easy, and affordable meals.  Great for those who want to take all the guesswork out of their mealtime.

Find out more on their website

Vegin’ Out

Ready-Made Meals

Weekly vegan menu with oil free, low sodium/sugar, clean healthy meals that can always be made gluten or soy free and low carb. Curated by an experienced vegan chef all you have to do is heat and enjoy. 

To find out more visit their website.

Boyce Mode

Limited delivery area*

Ready-Made Meals

Created to challenge the dietary dogma.  Boyce Mode offers plant-based meal that detoxifies while replenishing your body with vital nutrients.  They offer a variety of packages to suit your needs.  

To find out more about their limited delivery area and meal packages check out their website

Food Flo

Limited Delivery Area*

Ready-Made Meals

Designed by celebrity chef and health coach, Florence Berthea.  Food Flo delivers convenient, healthy handmade plant-based meals to your door weekly.  They pride themselves on using the Kangen alkaline water, gluten free, organic, high protein, and nutrient dense.  

For those who live in California, Arizona, and Nevada as that’s their delivery zones.

To find out more visit their website.

*I’m choosing options for those who want to have a more plant-focused meal. Some of the companies may offer meat and have options for those with vegan/plant-based dietary needs as well.

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